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Hard Money Loans for Real estate Investors

HM Capital is a private hard money company – providing real estate investors creative capital solutions. We offer hard money financing on any type of commercial real estate deal, competitive rates for any kind of fix and flip hard money loans project, and more.  Our team has extensive real estate experience to guide you through the private lending process, whether you are a first timer or a full time pro. Private money is the perfect tool for investors that need quick financing in a matter of days – not months or weeks. Our underwriters use asset based guidelines to evaluate your request – so applicants with bad credit won’t be turned down. We are ready to assist you with any real estate request: multifamily investment, residential, fix and flip, or retail. 

Flexible Underwriting

We work with any type of commercial real estate and fix and flip projects – up to 80% LTV

Asset-based Lending

Less paperwork to get approved means faster closing and more flexibility

Help When you Need It

Still want someone to walk you through? Have any questions about hard money? Contact our specialists

Our Mission

We believe hard money loans will change the lending game just like the sharing economy changed transportation. Private lenders and real estate investors, without the restrictions of traditional banks, can lead the next big revolution in real estate finance. Though hard money lending, you can find a financial partner who shares your vision of success, especially if your idea is outside the normal. When Colorado, Washington and California paved the way to pot dispensaries, it were the private lenders who stepped in alongside real estate investors to make that idea a realty. Private hard money loans allow real estate investor to venture into investment avenues not possible otherwise. 

Hard money lenders are often real estate investors themselves, who understand the risk criteria of the investment and therefore underwrite the loan based mostly on the strength of the collateral. An asset-based approach to lending means faster approval and funding, and less time in escrow – which means you can move on to the next deal quicker.

Our approach is 100% client focused – we don’t ask you to sign an exclusive contract or pay us anything upfront.  If we can’t get you a loan you owe us nothing – it’s that simple.

Why Real Estate Investors Use Hard Money Lending?

Hard money loans are for real estate investors who prefer speed and flexibility over everything. When locking up the property is your #1 goal, and you can't wait 2-3 months for a bank to approve you, private hard money lending is your best bet to close. Investors with bad credit or recent foreclosure/bankruptcy are also great candidates for hard money - thanks to an asset-based underwriting process that focuses on collateral and not the burrower's credit history.
Smart investors can utilize hard money loans to make an all-cash offer at a discount and beat out the competition, and refinance the loan with a traditional bank at a later date once the property is secured. Regardless of your strategy, HM Capital can assist you in realizing your real estate goals. Our services are risk free - with no upfront fees or contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 'hard money loan?'

Hard money loans are a special type of financing that is asset-based.  A hard money lender secures the loan with the real estate, and therefore the asset, not the person, is the main focus.

How do I find the best hard money lender?

Let us do the work – we match you the best private hard money lenders in your area.  You choose the terms and costs and 100% in control of the process.  We put YOU in charge of the process of choosing the best lender

What if my credit is really bad?

Your credit matters less in private lending because hard money loans are asset based.  Traditional banks focus on the person borrowing the money, private hard money lenders focus on the real estate.

what type of real estate can i finance With Hard Money?

We help finance any type of real estate – from multifamily to retail, commercial or office.  We even can help you with land deals or speciality properties – such as marijuana tenants or short-tenancy residential.

How fast can I get a loan?

The major advantage of a hard money loan over a traditional bank loan is speed.  Bank loans take weeks to get funded.  We can finance you in a matter of days.  Get qualified within 6 hours and funded as fast as 7 days from applying.

Will my rate be really high?

Private hard money loans typically have higher interest rates than banks loans.  Final rates and fees vary based on the underwriting of the asset.  There are no fees to apply and no upfront costs.

Hard Money Lenders

Access the best network of Hard Money Lenders in the nation.  Get real quotes for your next fix and flip or commercial purchase

Any Type of Real Estate

Incorporate private money with any type of real estate – home, retail, office, industrial, mobile home parks, and even land

Fast Approval & Funding

Get qualified in as little as 20 minutes, and funding within days.  Private money can be the key to close any deal FAST

What Type Of Real Estate Can I Buy With Hard Money?

You can purchase any type of property with a hard money loan – an apartment building, office building, or any type of commercial property.  HM Capital can help you find the best term and loan structure than both serves you best and fits your investment strategy.  Private money lending is simply a loan from a private party – so almost any loan you can get from a bank you can get from a private lender.  Thanks to asset-based lending, however, more types of properties can be approved with hard money lending.  It can mean a purchase with a higher LTV, or a unique property that will banks won’t finance, like a cannabis related property.  

Buyers of residential properties can use hard money loans to beat out other offers in a competitive market environment.  Wether you are considering a single family home purchase, a condo, a duplex, or an apartment building – we can help you with you capital needs no matter what type of purchase or refinance you are looking for.  

For commercial property, hard money capital solutions can provide investors with flexibility that usually is not offered by large banks.  If you are buying a triple net property, office building, warehouse, or manufacturing property – hard money lending can finance higher loan to value, and non-conventional income or tenants.  If you are buying a commercial property and need a hard money loan, you can contact one of our commercial specialists to see if you can qualify with one of our programs – before you even made an offer to purchase.  

We love to help investors who fix and flip houses! Hard money loans and fix and flip deals are the perfect match – when time is of the essence and you need capital for a new project fast – we can help you get there in a matter of days.  Our unique approach to getting funding for flipping can fit seasoned professionals and first time buyers.  

No matter what you are looking for – we can help you get there.  We will do anything to get the deal done for you – as long as you have real estate collateral to offer and need capital.  

Fast Approval

Traditional loans can take several months to close. We can do it in less than a 10 days

No Upfront Contracts

Unlike other hard money specialists we never ask you to sign a contract to start

Low Rates and Costs

Rates start at 8%, with no upfront payment.  If we can’t get you a loan you don’t owe us anything

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