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Residential Hard Money Loan

Getting a hard money loan for homes can be a great solution for a potential investment with credit challenges.  Private lenders (who are not banks) will lend you money to purchase a new home for investment, rehab, fix and flip, or cash out, and in exchange will use the home as a collateral to protect their investment.  The underwriting process for a hard money home loan is simple (usually) and focuses on the asset in question, along with other assets the burrower owns.


Through our process and unique technology, we can find you the perfect lender with the best rates and terms.  Residential hard money lenders do not operate like traditional banks – your credit score and history matter less because the underwriting is based almost exclusively on the asset.  Hard money lenders also use their own money which means they are in a better position to understand why you need the money in the first place and your investment plan.


For example, say you see an opportunity to rehab an old beach-front property in Florida and once it is finished rent it monthly or weekly via Airbnb (link to website??) for higher than average rental income compared to a traditional one year lease.  A traditional bank will underwrite the potential income as a traditional lease while a hard money residential lender will look to see if you’ve done this before and consider the vacation rental idea as part of the underwriting.

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Choosing the right residential hard money loan is going to have a major impact on your investment.  We can help you find the perfect private hard money lender with the lowest rates and fees so you can focus on the investment with confidence. Our large network of private lenders gives us an unprecedented ability to provide you with options – so you can make the best decision for your investment goals.


We believe that empowered burrowers make the best choices.  What makes us different than other companies that sell you hard money loans?  We never charge anything upfront, there is never an obligation to sign anything, and a zero pressure environment. We provide you with options and give you the ability to make your own choice.  

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