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  • Term – from 3 months
  • Rates starting at 8%
  • No Upfront Cost or Contracts
  • Approval within 24 hours

North Carolina Hard money lenders

We believe private financing will change the lending world just like Uber changed transportation.  During the 2009 financial crisis we learned that most of the fears associated with private financing  (predatory rates, high fees, speculation) were regular practice for the major financial banks.  The sharing economy is proof that the most efficient way to conduct business is peer-to-peer where both parties can dictate the terms that are comfortable for their needs.  The advantages of traditional mortgages are clear – lower rates from institutions that are highly regulated by the government.  However, many shrewd investors realized that speed of approval is just as important as low rates.  This is where private hard money loans come into the picture – with a turnaround of days, not weeks – you can secure financing on a deal that requires a fast close and beat other investors with a better offer.

North Carolina’s real estate market, especially in markets like Charlotte, RaleighGreensboro, and Durham are booming – thanks to a growing job market investors and large institutions are coming into North Carolina.  Investing in a competitive real estate market is tough – a lot of times other buyer will beat your offer with an all-cash offer of their own.  With hard money – you can level the playing field and purchase property without a loan contingency.  The HM Capital team of real estate professionals can help you secure the capital you need for your next real estate investment – a purchase, refinance, or a fix and flip.  

Investors looking to purchase multifamily properties in North Carolina who are looking to close fast or with credit issues can secure capital with private hard money loans. Considered by many as the safest real estate investment, apartment buildings in North Carolina enjoy low vacancy rates and good cap rates.  We can provide funding for any investment strategy:

  • Refinance
  • Cash out
  • Renovate and Flip
  • Condo conversion
  • Vacation rentals

We provide commercial investors with capital solutions for any type of commercial properties.  Commercial hard money loans can be used for the following purposes:

  • Purchase with a quick all-cash close
  • Refinance an existing loan
  • Cash out (first or second position)
  • Construction loan
  •  You have bad credit, judgements, bankruptcy on your record
  •  You are purchasing a non-traditional asset and need a creative solution to a capital problem
Commercial hard money loans in North Carolina Carolina can provide a creative solution to any of the above challenges.  Asset-based lending removes the borrower from the equation and simplifies and otherwise long lending process. We fund any type of commercial real estate:
  • Shopping centers/Retail malls
  • Single tenant
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels/motels/hospitality
  • Industrial building
  • Healthcare – nursing homes, hospitals, healthcare centers
  • Land
  • Warehouses
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North Carolina Facts

Housing Market

Raleigh, NC is the hottest housing market in the country, with high household income, , affordable pricing, and strong job growth - the market is set to for strong future growth

Tax Incentives

North Carolina offers many tax benefits to businesses and real estate investors, from tax exemption offered to manufacturers, to demolition of vacant buildings

Furniture Manufacturing

North Carolina is also known as the 'furniture capital of the world' - with yearly trade shows and large facilities

Unlike other lending sources, we highly specialize in mobile home parks thanks to our years of experience and depth of knowledge in the field.  Mobile home parks and manufactured housing are a unique form of real estate, very different than other residential investments.  In fact, every state has a unique set of laws just for mobile home park owners and residents.  

With almost every coastal state with a housing crisis, and a fast growing demand for construction goods – we believe manufactured homes are the solution to many of this housing challenges.  Mobile home park investors in North Carolina can contact us for any of the following purposes:

  1. Mobile home park purchase
  2. Neighborhood development
  3. Senior mobile home park (55 and over)
  4. Tiny homes

Fix and flip project have two important elements: they wrap up quickly and require capital.  This is why real estate professionals in North Carolina who seek a fix and flip hard money loan come to us for possible solutions.  Private lending are the perfect match for flippers with fast approvals and asset-based lending terms.  

Whether it’s a house or duplex – sometimes you can’t wait to sell your current flip to purchase the next fixer-upper.  This is where we can come in and provide a ‘bridge loan’ to make sure you don’t miss your next project due to capital challenges.  

North Carolina Hard Money Laws and Regulations

  • Hard money loans over $25,000 principal amount can have any interest rate agreed to by the parties (General Statutes of North Carolina, Chapter 24, Article 1).
  • North Carolina property tax rates – you can visit the official NC property tax page to see what is the tax rate and when the property is evaluated.

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