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Multifamily Hard Money Loan

Getting a multifamily hard money loan to purchase is an increasingly popular way to secure credit among investors.  After the credit bust of 2008 banks started underwriting multi-family investments extremely conservatively, applying debt-coverage-ratio as a means to measure the risk factors of an investment. As a result, investors paid more upfront for apartment buildings while others looked at private hard money lenders to get credit.  With a multifamily hard money loan, you can beat other offers with fast closing times and the confidence knowing you are backed by an equally excited private investor.


Apartment buildings command the lowest cap rates in the real estate world due to low vacancy rates and the fact that they are considered the safest form of income.  Low cap rates mean more money down from investors – traditional banks could require up to 50% of the value in hard cash to close the deal, along with a two or three month loan approval, and extensive document review.  Getting a multifamily hard money loan solves all these problem by focusing on the asset in question. This mean less documents and hassell, higher LTVs, and shorter escrow period and potentially beating other offers for the property.

Low Rates

Residential hard money loan rates starting at 7.99%

Aggressive LTV

Loan to value as good as 90% for maximum leverage


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Choosing the right multifamily hard money loan is going to have a major impact on your investment.  We can help you find the perfect private hard money lender with the lowest rates and fees so you can focus on the investment with confidence. Our large network of private lenders gives us an unprecedented ability to provide you with options – so you can make the best decision for your investment goals.


We believe that empowered burrowers make the best choices.  What makes us different than other companies that sell you hard money loans?  We never charge anything upfront, there is never an obligation to sign anything, and a zero pressure environment. We provide you with options and give you the ability to make your own choice.  

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