HM Capital Private Real Estate Finance Scholarship​

We believe private financing will change real estate – because it gives every investor a chance at greatness – not just those with experience or money. Asset-based lending is the best way to evaluate possible financing. In the same spirit, we offer a chance to young academic students with ambition to enter into the real estate field one scholarship for $2,000. We accept scholarship applications until July 15th of each year, and award the scholarships every year on August 1st. Scholarship funds are to be used for expenses, including tuition, room and board, textbooks and materials, and any other expenses related to achieving a degree. The Awardee will be required to sign a statement to this effect. We award one scholarship per year. Here are the requirements to qualify for our academic scholarships:

  • Attend an accredited academic institution for higher learning.
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  • Interest in working in the real estate field.  Candidates with real estate experience are encouraged to apply.
  • Must be a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • At the time of the award (August 1st) you must be 18 years old.

If you wish to apply, or apply on behalf of someone else, provide all of the following information, in pdf format only, to

  • Full name, address, number, and school/degree information.
  • Your interest in pursuing a career in corporate/ commercial real estate.
  • Record of scholastic achievement to date, including academic grade point average and extracurricular activities (note past academic challenges will not bar you from applying).
  • your community service and internship/employment experience.
  • Your financial needs – tell us how our scholarship will help you.
  • Recommendations by two people familiar with your achievements or goals.  Choose two people who know you well over individuals with impressive positions.
  • A 1500 word or more essay about why you want to join the real estate or finance industry – it can be a story about what got you interested, what you want to achieve in your career.  Most importantly – we want to know how you want to change the real estate industry for the better – including issues of racial inclusion, tolerance towards minorities and how real estate can impact local underserved communities.

Applicants who are chosen as finalists will be advised by email by August 1st of each year and must be available for an interview two weeks after the selection.  You can also call us at any time for additional information.

  • Application Deadline – July 15h of each year
  • Scholarship Winner – announced August 1st of each year
  • Essay length – 1000 words maximum 
  • How to apply – submit the essay, professional resume, to hardmoola@gmail.com0

HM Capital - Scholarship Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide opportunities to individuals that come from less-privileged background and communities – and with a small push can help bridge the gap required for success. When a lot of our founding team just began their academic careers, it was private scholarship and grants that eased the burden of high tuition costs and living expenses. This is our way to give back, the same way we were able to get help when we needed it during our academic careers.

We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ communities to apply to our scholarship – we believe every member of society deserves an opportunity to succeed. Here is a short list of some of the cities that we accepted applications from in the past:

  1. Fresno
  2. Atlanta
  3. Tampa, FL
  4. Miami
  5. Jacksonville
  6. San Diego
  7. Detroit
  8. Las Vegas
  9. Dallas
  10. Los Angeles

Past Scholarship Winners

2017 Winner – Paul G., Atlanta, GA

Paul applied while a freshman at LSU, studying for a degree at business administration. We were impressed by his professional resume, and that he completed his own real estate deal at only 18 years old! Paul will be a first-generation college graduate and a second generation property owner. 

2018 Winner – Wendy S., CA

A student at Penn State, Wendy told us about the challenges her family went through when they emigrated from a different country, and how it took her time to adapt to American culture. Wendy learned the value of real estate when her hometown used eminent domain to purchase her family’s house, earning her family a huge payday. Wendy hopes to leverage her degree in computer software to create next-gen real estate technology.

2019 Winners – Jermaine S. (NY), Ravi P. (CA)

Jermaine S. – studying architecture at Columbia, Jermaine expressed an interest in modernizing city housing – citing a need for more quality in housing for section 8 and city housing in the inner cities. He applied as a senior, and impressed us with a 4.0 GPA, stellar professional resume, and passion for real estate and design.

Ravi P. – Ravi expressed interest in modernizing real estate finance and expanding access to unprivileged communities. Ravi applied as a junior from Stanford, and is a licensed real estate agent in California.

2020 Winner – Molly M. (NC)

Molly was granted the HM Capital scholarship as a freshman studying at Duke, undecided but with a goal to enter real estate finance. Molly secured an internship at a large private equity firm in NY when she applied.

Internship Opportunities

If you live in Los Angeles and interested in interning with us, shoot us an email with your resume and a short description of your professional or academic career. Submit all documents via PDF format to