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What are the terms of a typical fix and flip loan?

Fix and flip loans vary from property to property and different burrowers. Every property is examined on a case by case basis by our experienced underwriters and real estate professionals. Loan terms that fit a single tenant restaurant off a busy freeway are going to be different than financing for an office building in the middle of downtown New York City. Generally speaking, a typical lender can expect the following terms:

What are Fix and Flip Loans?

Fix and flip loans are the perfect tool for investors who are looking for finance their next purchase. Born of necessity, flip and flip hard money loans give real estate professionals access to capital in the matter of days, not weeks or months. More than any types of investments, speed is the name of the game here – the faster you complete your fix, the quicker the flip and higher the rewards. Investors looking to get in and out quickly can utilize private lending to secure otherwise untenable deals (even ask for a cash discount) and secure the required capital required to renovate the property.

Investors with a fix and flip strategy always are in the lookout for the next deal – and the next deal doesn’t always wait for your current project to finish. With a private financing you can leverage your capital and make sure the next deal is already lined up. Our unique process gives you an expedient route towards approval, usually within 8-10 days, and focuses only on the asset itself. You can secure capital for purchase, closing costs, permit costs, and remodeling all in one loan. We call this process “asset-based underwriting” – where application process is focused on the asset, not the borrower. This means that financing for flipping houses or multifamily projects can be available for borrowers with bad credit or limited credit history.

Asset based lending is a powerful tool for investors because the lenders are evaluating the property first – rather than focusing on the borrower. Traditional banks might be hesitant to provide financing for flipping houses since it is a risky endeavor. In addition, investors with recent short sales and bankruptcies on their records might be disqualified all-together based on their credit history. Asset based lending is focused on the collateral – the way the lender secures the money.

In Fix and flips – time is the most valuable resource you have. The faster you can secure the next project, the faster you can start renovations and sell the property for profit.

Our process offers borrowers who seek to secure private financing on a fix and flip several advantages:

  1. Zero costs upfront with no contracts
  2. Qualify within 24 hours and approved in as fast as a few days
  3. No pressure to sign
  4. Any type of real estate accepted
  5. Bad credit history/bankruptcy

Can I get a fix and flip hard money loan with bad credit?

Yes – hard money loans are perfect individuals with bad credit. Private lenders use ‘asset-based‘ lending as the underwriting criteria – so the focus is the real estate, not the individual. This means that as long as you get a good deal on the purchase – you have a good chance to get a loan for your next fix and flip project. Of course, good credit is better than a bad credit history – but unlike traditional loans, they are not a barrier to credit. You can still qualify for a fix and flip loan if you:

  • Have Bad credit
  • Little or no credit history
  • Have a past bankruptcy on your record
  • Owe back taxes or have current liens against you

Common questions about fix and flip loans

Make sure you have all of your paperwork ready – any underwriter will probably ask you questions about the property and about your experience as an investor.  This is the part that usually takes the most time, so be prepared ahead of time.

Hard money rates are higher than traditional bank loans.  Since they are riskier, done faster, and require less underwriting, the rate is higher.  Typically hard money loans will be 4-5% higher than standard interest rates.

Banks take a long time to approve loans, and they often apply very rigid funding criteria to deals.  So if you have a special situation or circumstances, you may be out of luck.  Hard money loans are also perfect for buyers who want to close a deal quick, and can’t wait 45 days for a bank approval.  Hard money is not for everyone, but there are investors that are able to buy property not possible otherwise,  thanks to hard money loans.

There is no minimum score required. We prefer that you have at least 680 credit score

Here is how to qualify with HM Capital

There are four parts you’ll need to go through before closing a private loan:

  • First you will have to find a lender to look at your deal.
  • Second you will need to pre-qualify the initial phone call screening.
  • Third, provide the paperwork to verify the loan requirements,
  • And finally – negotiate the final terms of the loan

Can I get a fix and flip loan with no money down?

Yes, but it’s not easy or cheap! We can definitely qualify some investors for 100% funding fix and flip loans. This is one of the most attractive loans for new investors because you don’t have to put any of your own money into the purchase – and have enough capital to start renovations right away. The right factors have to exist in order to qualify for a 100% no money down fix and flip loan. Generally speaking, you’ll have to purchase the property at a deep discount and show that you completed 3 successful flips in the past 18 months. To learn more about our 100% LTV fix and flip hard money loans – contact one of our consultants.

Most applications won’t qualify for 100% funding. Not for first timers!

What are the other costs of getting a fix and flip loan?

Just like regular loans – private loans have costs as well. Here is a list of some, but all fees you’ll be expecting:

  1. Points/Origination – calculated as a percentage of the total loan amount.  For example – if you take out a loan for $100,000 on a shopping center from a private lender, 2 point fee will cost you $2,000.
  2. Appraisal/inspection – to confirm the value and condition of the property.
  3. Document fees – fees to prepare loan documents for you to sign.  Could be waived in certain cases or e-signature.
Contractor Tips

Working with HM Capital

Real estate professionals who come to us for financing need it fast – it is the hallmark of a hard money loan.  Our teams of experienced real estate professionals will guide you every step of the way – from intake to funding and be there for you with any concern you might have.  Our 2 core values – integrity and results.

We have a strict no upfront contract, no upfront fee policy for our services.  Our system is 100% client focused – from the moment you call us to the moment the funds are deposited in your account, we are only focused in providing you the best capital solutions on the market.  Unlike other companies, we don’t mind if you shop around or get a second opinion – because we believe that if we can’t get you a loan, you don’t owe use anything.

Our core values: Integrity and Results.  “If we can’t get you a loan you don’t owe us anything.”

What paperwork do I need to prepare to qualify?

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