About Us

Our Goal is to Bring Hard Money to Everyone

Real estate finance is complicated and inaccessible. HM Capital’s mission is to simplify the hard money world. We help burrowers and lenders streamline the hard money process. Banks and large financial institutions are often too rigid to finance some deals. Banks often take too long to get investors approved for a loan, too long if you need a quick cash close.

Traditional lenders are too focused on W-2 income, and too rigid to see appreciation value in unusual deals. Private lending for real estate allows everyone access to finance their next real estate deal. Direct connection between burrowers and lenders provides greater flexibility to finance creative purchases. 

Why Customers Trust HM Capital


Traditional loans can take several months to close. We can do it in less than a week

Nationwide Access

Don’t settle for one option, with us you gain access to a nationwide network of lenders


No contract, no upfront cost. If we can’t find you a loan you don’t owe us anything

Lets Gets Started