Commercial hard money loans

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  • No Upfront Cost or Contracts
  • Amounts – starting from $75,000

Commercial Hard Money Loans

Commercial hard money loans are a capital source offered by private lenders to investors who need financing fast. The interest rates are typically higher than traditional bank loans but commercial hard money loans have two major advantages – faster funding and flexible underwriting criteria. For investors who are looking to purchase, refinance, or draw cash from an investment – private lending offers an alternative route that is faster, more efficient, and focused on the asset more than the borrower. Investors who are looking to secure loans on a short term basis or with credit challenges are the perfect fit for a commercial hard money loan. An asset-based underwriting process also allows the lender to consider creative real estate investments.


Our process offers borrowers who seek to secure private financing on a commercial property several advantages:

  1. Zero costs upfront with no contracts
  2. Qualify within 24 hours and approved in as fast as 7 days
  3. No pressure to sign
  4. Any type of real estate accepted
  5. We accept applications with bad credit history/bankruptcy

Loan Types - Private Commercial Lenders

Commercial Real Estate entails all types of non-residential properties. Commercial real estate loans traditionally required extensive paperwork and financial underwriting from banks – it is not unusual to undergo through 2 or three months to secure capital to purchase commercial properties. With our ‘asset-based’ underwriting, we can provide you with financing as fast as 10 days. We provide hard money commercial loans on all types of real estate:


  1. Retail Centers Hard Money Loans
  2. Office Buildings Hard Money Loans
  3. Warehouse Hard Money Loans
  4. Industrial Building Hard Money Loan
  5. Billboard Hard Money Loans
  6. Properties with Marijuana Tenants

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