Loan Programs

  • 100% of all Real Estate accepted
  • No upfront costs or contracts
  • Asset-based lending criteria
  • Loan amounts from $30k

Fast Approval

Traditional loans can take several months to close. We can do it in less than a week

Terms that fit You

Flexible loan terms, no prepayment, asset based lending criteria

Up to 80% LTV

Funding available for fix and flips – purchase price plus renovation costs

Types of Real Estate Accepted

  • Fix and Flips – purchase a projects and get capital for the renovations costs – ask about our special programs.
  • Commercial Hard Money Loans – close your next deal with confidence, a commercial hard money loan can get you there faster, with terms that fit your goals. We work with any type of commercial real estate – retail, office building, warehouses, and industrial.
  • Residential – if you want to cash out of your current investment home, purchase an apartment building, or need capital for a major renovation – we can assist you and secure the best terms – for any investment strategy.
  • Mobile Home Parks – few understand this space better than we do – mobile home parks require special knowledge and offer tremendous investment opportunities. We can help you get there.
  • Other types of special hard money loans we can help with:

Streamlined Process

No arbitrary requirements.  No minimum FICO/credit score.  

Flexible Unerwriting

Vacant property? Cannabis tenant? Airbnb income? Our underwriters get it

Gain access to a variety of commercial hard money loan that fit your needs

Advantages of Hard Money Loans

Flexibility – hard money lenders can work with any type of real estate, and operate completely differently than a bank.  With private lenders, you are dealing with business people first, who you can directly talk to – unlike a nameless bank committee who underwrites and reject loans.  Hard money loans are essentially peer-to-peer lending, allowing for more creativity and more capital solutions for investors.  Hard money lenders stepped in to fund Cannabis properties in California when no one was willing – because they understood the economic opportunity behind it.

Get Approved –  the most important part of a loan is closing – you don’t need false promises, credit letters, LOIs, and maybe’s.  If you lined up a property, you need to know that the capital to purchase and renovate is there for you when escrow closes.  Hard money lenders have a faster turn-around and get you the money you need in a matter of days

Speed – in asset based lending, the focus is on the property, not the burrower.  This means less paperwork to process and less hoops to jumps through – faster approvals.  Traditional mortgages can take months to close, hard money lenders can do it in days.

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