Qualify for a Hard Money Loan

3 Ways to Qualify

Online Application

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What is the process to get qualified?

First, we want to hear about the property.  We usually get back to you 24 hours after you fill out the online application.  If your investment meets our underwriting criteria, you will be required to verify detail on your property.

How fast is your process?

Most loan close in about 10-15 days.  Sometimes it may take a bit extra, due to 3rd party vendors (like an appraisal).  We love to close fast – we know this is important for you.

What are your rates and costs?

Rates and costs differ from deal to deal.  Commercial rates and fix and flip start at 8%, and change according to risk levels.  

What is your LTV?

Loan to value will depend on the risk factor of the deal.  Almost all of our customers are required to put some amount down to qualify.  100% is rare and only given to highly qualified individuals. 

Do you have any upfront fees

No.  We don’t charge anything for our services upfront.  If we can’t find you a loan, we won’t charge you anything.  

Do you work with first time buyers?

Yes.  We can help you through the process to qualify.  We won’t require you to sign contracts or any upfront fees to get started.