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Billboard Hard Money Loans

Real estate investors outside the retail side are often surprised to learn the incredible value of billboards, and the potential capital source behind them.  Billboard hard money loans can be a quick and creative solution to temporary capital squeeze for real estate investors.  Billboards are in high demand despite often appearing in retail properties for several reasons:

  1. The leases are very long, stable, and often have yearly escalations.
  2. The ‘tenant’ takes care of all the maintenance on the billboard sign, resulting in zero landlord responsibility.
  3. Large cities always seek to restrict and remove billboards from circulation and therefore it is harder and harder to build new ones.  Existing billboards are grandfathered in and therefore can be extremely valuable.
  4. Some billboard leases contain profit-sharing clauses for extra-rent potential.
If you are interested in extracting capital from your existing property with a working billboard, we can assist you in finding the perfect private hard money partner.  The process to start is simple and fast: you fill out our simple submission form, we get back to you (usually within 24 hours) to ask a few questions about your hard money needs, and within a few days we present you with multiple lending options for you to choose from.  

Why Choose Us

Choosing the right billboard hard money loan is going to have a major impact on your investment.  We can help you find the perfect private hard money lender with the lowest rates and fees so you can focus on the investment with confidence. Our large network of private lenders gives us an unprecedented ability to provide you with options – so you can make the best decision for your investment goals.


We believe that empowered burrowers make the best choices.  What makes us different than other companies that sell you hard money loans?  We never charge anything upfront, there is never an obligation to sign anything, and a zero pressure environment. We provide you with options and give you the ability to make your own choice.  

How It works

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Selling Your Billboard

Another way to extract even more value out of your retail property is to ‘sell’ just the billboard.  Plenty of real estate investors will purchase the rights to thee lease and the billboard income for a large sum upfront, which could be a solution for property owners with an immediate capital need.  Unlike a straight sale of the entire property – when you are selling the billboard you still get to keep the land, improvements, and all existing leases in place.  The only thing that changes – you sell the income from the billboard to the buyer.

Selling the income from the billboard is very similar to selling an annuity – if you have a capital requirement right away and need the cash (and other capital sources are maxed) – it may be the only way to extract cash from your property.  Our experience can provide you with the best price for your billboard, if you decide it is the best move for your future.

Selling your billboard with us is a simple process, just fill out the request form and indicate you want a billboard quote.

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