Hard Money Lenders Miami

  • Amounts – from $35,000
  • Term – 4 months to 10 years
  • No Upfront Cost or Contracts
  • Asset-based Lending

Finding the right hard money lenders in Miami can be the key to your real estate success.  You already know the advantages of getting private financing – it is faster than a regular bank loan, with more flexibility, and with asset-based underwriting, more properties can get approved.  With tremendous growth, Miami continues to establish itself as a major city for the years to come.  

Miami’s real estate growth was always about the beachfront location that attracted new residents to the sunny city – with great weather year-round and an influx and tourism capital, Miami has seen a construction boom in the past 10 years.  Another big factor in Miami’s real estate boom, especially in the luxury new construction market – is due to large influx of foreign investment from China/India into the Florida real estate market.  EB-% visas applications have surged tenfold in less than two years between 2011 and 2013.

We can help make your vision a reality. Unlike other hard money lenders in Miami – we require no contracts or payment upfront, Asset-based lending, and minimal paperwork to close.  How we can get you approved for a hard money loan:

  1. We qualify the property first, not the burrower
  2. No upfront contract or fees
  3. Pre-approval within 24 hours of application
  4. Any type of real estate accepted
  5. 100% client-focused service

Fix and flip hard money loans are typically for investors who are looking to purchase renovation projects for a low price and sell later at a profit after the rehab work is done.  They are also known as rehab loans – and are typically provide flippers with capital to purchase AND renovation budget.   

To qualify for a fix and flip hard money loan in Miami you will need to provide a history of at least 2 completed projects, submit basic credit information, and surpass income/debt ratio.  If you are a first time flipper – we have special programs to assist you.  

Funding for flipping in Miami is a perfect match – with the strong growth and job market, Miami is a great place to make money from flipping properties.  We can assist you in securing capital for your next fix and flip on a short term or long term basis.


Investors looking to purchase multifamily properties in Miami who are looking to close fast or with credit issues can secure capital with private hard money loans. Multifamily investments are often considered a low-risk investment with low vacancy rates and strong upside in popular cities like Miami.   We can provide funding for any investment strategy:

  • Refinance
  • Cash out or line of credit
  • Fix and Flip
  • Condo conversion
  • Vacation rentals
Hard Money Lenders Miami

Miami - City Facts

Median Home Value

The median price for a home is around $300,000 - on an upwards trend which is expected to rise in the next few years thanks to strong demand

Commercial Vacancy Below Average

All of Miami's commercial real estate markets are below 10%, and retail vacancy is below 5%

Population Growth

Miami is in the middle of a population boom that is projected to continue through 2020 - this is a larger trend of migration to Florida state

We provide commercial investors with capital solutions for any type of commercial properties.  Commercial hard money loans can be used for the following purposes:

  • Purchase with a quick all-cash close
  • Refinance an existing loan
Commercial hard money loans in Miami typically require a non-owner occupied property.  Asset-based lending removes the borrower from the equation and simplifies and otherwise long lending process with a bank. We fund any type of commercial real estate:

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