Hard Money Lenders Austin

  • Rates – starting at 8%
  • Term – from 4 months
  • No Upfront Cost or Contracts
  • Asset-based Lending

Finding the right hard money lenders in Austin, Texas can be the key to your real estate success.  You already know the advantages of getting private financing – it is faster than a regular bank loan, with more flexibility, and with asset-based underwriting, more properties can get approved.  With tremendous growth, XXXX is an excellent real estate market – and we can help you get there.

Hard Money Loan Application Process - Austin, TX

Our process is streamlined and simple – fill out our simple submission page, we will call back right away and have an answer within 24 hours.  With asset-based lending and underwriting, we require some basic documents about the property, so there is less focus on the individual borrower and credit history.  Even if you have bad credit, a bankruptcy, or past liens – we can still get you a hard money loan to purchase or refinance real estate.  Find the right real estate deal is hard – let us help you find the best hard money lenders in Austin.

Other companies will ask you to sign an exclusive contract and charge upfront fees in order to ‘lock you in’ and work only with them.  We do things differently because our service is 100% client based, which means:

  1. No upfront contracts
  2. No upfront fees
  3. We don’t get paid if we can’t deliver

We started HM Capital because we believe private real estate lending is the key to equalize the playing field – for years burrowers were limited by credit score and arbitrary walls posed by the big banks.  Hard money is different because it is asset-based, and gives more investors an opportunity to enter the real estate market.  

Hard Money Loans We do in Austin, TX

Investors looking to purchase Commercial or resident property in XXXX and looking to close fast or with credit issues can secure capital with private hard money loans. We can provide funding for any investment strategy:

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