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Approval in 24 Hours and the Lowest Rate. Guaranteed.

Zero application fee. Get approved for $500 to $150,000 based on your case. Funds deposited straight to your account 24 hours after verification. Got more questions? (530) 436-5630 to talk to our experts.

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Low Rates and No Fees

As low as 25% every six months simple interest. Zero fees - we'll even waive delivery fees!

Fast Process

Get approved during your first phone call and get cash 24 hours after case vrification.

All of Our Liens are Capped

With HM Capital $1,000 can't grow to $5,000. No interest is charged after 24 months, ever.


We underwrite everything in-house, quickly, and we'll take a look at any case.

Fast and Reliable Legal Funding

We have a simple, no-fuss funding programs for any type of case. Approval within 2 hours or less of submission, same day funding. Looking for a higher funding amount? Get in touch!

Tier 1

Soft Tissue Cases

Tier 2

Surgical cases

Frequently asked questions

We make the process simple for you. Email us the info and we’ll fund the case within a couple of hours of approval. Minimal docs required and all contract signatures are done electronically. Most funding are completed same day.

Our super low rates and *zero* contract fees also help you reduce your costs and leave you with more of your settlement.

  1. Our fee structure is simple – we only charge a flat fee every six months. For example: a $500 advance with a 25% rate will become $625 after six months, and $750 after one year. This is 80% cheaper than our competition!
  2. Unique to HM Capital’s contracts – no extra fees that can run up the payback amount.
  3. Lien is always capped at 24 months – stop paying interest after 2 years, so a $1,000 will never be larger than a $2,000 payout.

If you want to learn more about legal funding and why HM Capital is the way to go, you can read our handy legal funding info page.

We’ll fund almost any personal injury case:

  • Car accidents
  • Premise and Slip and Falls
  • Sexual assault
  • Property damage
  • Pharma/bad drug/mass torts
  • Dog bites

Have other questions? Contact our reps 7 days a week!

Oasis slip and fall fee Chart